Epson SureColor SC-P7500 And SC-P9500 Photo Printers Use 12 Color Components

Epson SureColor SC-P7500 And SC-P9500 Photo Printers Use 12 Color Components

Epson SureColor SC-P7500 and SC-P9500 photo printers - Epson unveils its first large-format printers with 12 color components, providing a broader color gamut than ever before and Pantone coverage of 99 percent.

The SureColor SC-P7500 (24-inch) and SC-P9500 (44-inch) printers are excellent for artists and photographers, offering accurate image reproduction for professional proofing as well as great productivity for large-volume printing. 

Epson's recently created UltraChrome Pro12 ink kit with K3 technology, which utilizes both black inks at the same time and also contains orange, green, and purple inks to offer the user remarkable color accuracy, is a good match for the two large format printers.

Our two Epson Printers P-Series models were created with a variety of applications in mind, including the ones listed below

When it comes to professional photography and fine art, the highest possible print quality is required to make it simpler to sell the work to discriminating consumers. Epson has created customized printheads with up to 800 nozzles per color to guarantee precise ink delivery and avoid erroneous prints in addition to the 12-color ink kit. 

High-speed output is coupled with quality thanks to the 300 dpi and 12-channel TFP12 print head. Smooth transitions and precise texture rendering make the images even better. The overcoating technique provides the deeper blacks: as a result of this solution, the printed pictures are much more beautiful and produce a really thrilling impression. For individuals who appreciate genuine creative freedom, this is the place to be.

Epson has set the industry standard for proofreading for the packaging sector and proofreaders, who place a premium on precision. Color measuring, inspection, and correction technology allow users to operate more effectively and confidently. Color measuring is quicker and more precise with the optional SpectroProofer, which incorporates a photo spectrometer, and on-the-fly color verification is completely automated.

“In order to really create new goods, we must first understand what our consumers need and what they do not. This enables us to develop printers without relying on superfluous technical solutions, allowing us to concentrate on what matters most to people who use our goods on a regular basis. I think we've produced a unique outcome that gives us more creative flexibility while also opening up new revenue possibilities for our users.

“The line of 12-color picture printers is really unique to us at Epson,” he said. Impressive print speed and output quality, as well as a user-friendly interface, round out the package. As we offer a full solution - printers, inks, media, software, and support - everything is intended to operate in perfect harmony.

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